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best antivirus software

If you have been upgrading your PC protection or recently been exposed by a vulnerability then you may be wondering which is the best antivirus software. Your motivation for finding this software may be enhancing the security of your PC. This is the concern of most people who use their PC frequently online. You may be looking for a free antivirus software but this may not be enough depending on your needs. No one can deny that today there are greater risks of connecting your PC to the internet.

Hackers and cyber criminals have become more sophisticated in their intrusion techniques, and this means the internet is a risky zone any time of the day and night. With the prevalence of cyber crime, this means only one thing; increased insecurity for PCs online.

Best Antivirus Software

So what is the solution for all the troubles caused by hacker and cyber radicals in contemporary society? Well the only solution is to get the best antivirus software. Well, that may sound vague, given that there are so many versions and brands available in the PC security solutions market. To simplify this task, you should be well informed about the magnitude and kind of risks that you are exposed to on your PC once you get online. If you spend more time online, then you should get a PC protection program that offers real time protection against all forms of intrusion and malicious attacks. Is this something that your choice of anti-virus can stand up to?

Best Antivirus Software Protection Features

To answer this question, you must also be informed about the basic security features that the anti-virus program offers. Ideally, if you are going to spend several hours online then you need a powerful and up to date anti-virus protection. You can check out the features of the anti-virus program in the package and from reviews and product descriptions on the distributors’ or maker’s website. The ideal and reliable PC antivirus protection program has the capacity to protect your computer from most kinds of malicious software and viruses, and even spyware.

This should safeguard your confidential data from online fraudsters and identity theft. In addition, regular virus signature updates are essential to ensure that your security remains up to date without interrupting system performance and safety. If you have been looking for the best antivirus software, then you may have contemplated choosing between the heavyweight brands with a heritage. This is reasonable because you believe in consistency of performance which is a genuine concern. Although most brands have improved their features, they may not all give the satisfaction that you want and the full money’s worth for the purchase of their antivirus program.

Not all computer programs are designed to provide functional and useful applications to the end user. Sure we are familiar with word processing and data entry programs among others. But for some computer users who are not that technically adept, they fail to realize that viruses are also computer programs which are designed to cause more harm than provide something useful for the end user. During the early days of computer systems concern for antivirus protection was not that emphasized primarily because the threat was not that overwhelming yet. However with the wide availability of the Internet and computerization of majority homes, the threats associated with antivirus programs have become as wide spread and destructive.

Finding the correct, let alone the best antivirus software for your computer system may be quite confusing if not totally difficult. This is primarily because much of the hype has been focused on advertising rather than the actual detection and protection capability of the antivirus program. Unless a computer user is totally aware of the characteristics needed for an efficient antivirus program he might get caught in the hype and inadvertently leave the computer system vulnerable to attacks. When considering the best antivirus software it is best to refer to the following characteristics which are basic necessities for overall protection.

1) Updated Antivirus Database

New viruses are coming out almost every day with varying properties from simply annoying to outright destructive. A virus database is the key component in the detection and protection mechanism of the software. When not properly updated, newer strains of old viruses or new viruses can slip through the security cordon and cause havoc in your machine. Some computer users prefer free antivirus software application because they allow continued protection without a corresponding fee. Some antivirus developers have made it a habit to provide antivirus database updates in exchange for a fee after a certain period which many believe is detrimental to true computer security and contributes to the vulnerability of certain systems.

2) Heuristic Analysis

As technology changes so does the form of attack viruses employ. Many malicious programmers have resorted to abandoning the direct assault on computer systems but rather make use of stealth attacks by concealing dangerous codes in seemingly harmless computer programs. Once the carrier program has been installed into the machine by the unsuspecting computer user a command is executed which assembles all the components together and executes the attack on the compromised machine. By using a heuristic analysis process, traditional virus detection and protection mechanisms are augmented with the inspection of bits and pieces of codes which may correspond to potential virus activities. Implementing this early detection procedure may lead to some false positives but ultimately the goal is to provide protection and in this context it is better to be sure than to be sorry afterwards.

3) Rootkit Scanning Functionality

Rootkits are essentially are identified with Trojans which are designed to hide themselves to avoid detection and protection mechanisms of commercial antivirus software programs. Using a rootkit scanning feature provides an additional layer of protection to the computer system resulting in preservation of data integrity. Many potentially dangerous programs that use rootkit technology populate the Internet and are downloaded into the machine without the user’s consent or knowledge. Although some may dismiss these types of programs are harmless, in most instances they are used to lower the security of computer systems to allow more detrimental applications to cause have to the machine and its contents.

4) Fast Scanning Engine

During the earlier stages of computerization, many computer users shied away from using antivirus software applications because they tend to eat up majority of system resources and initiated scanning methods that took almost forever to finish. However, as technology advanced, antivirus software developers learned how to properly appropriate system resources and provide a faster scanning engine. The faster the scanning process finishes the faster the allocated system resources are freed up and made available to other system critical processes. In the same manner, a faster scanning engine will be able to go through the bits and pieces of codes before any potential damage can be inflicted by the virus.

5) High Detection and Removal Rate

Sometimes you feel that just because you have an antivirus software application installed you will never be in danger of being infiltrated by a virus. You must remember that it is not only enough that your antivirus software program can detect potential threats but must also have the capability of removing it. Because viruses are born every day it is important that your protection program will be able to keep in pace to ensure that you are truly protected at all times. This feature actually works in conjunction with the updating of the antivirus database which allows for high detection rate. Identifying the potential problem should be followed immediately by the potential solution to prevent dangerous codes from spreading throughout your computer system and to other machines as well.

6) Smaller and Faster Update Files

Majority of antivirus database updates are now done over the Internet. Because of this new transport mechanism it is important that update files be made smaller and faster to execute. For one, it makes the exposure time (the amount of time antivirus database remains not updated) shorter. Another reason is that it prevents unnecessary bloating of antivirus software application related files. The bigger the file the longer it takes to load it and the more system resources it may require.

7) Easy Configuration

Not all computer users or owners have the same technical skill level as the programmers of the antivirus software program. What this means is that the technical details should be left to run in the background and should lessen the involvement of the computer user. If possible, it should be as easy as just installing the antivirus software application and leaving it to run by itself. As much as possible it should also be self-maintaining with automatic updates and automatic scanning. By eliminating the human factor in its daily operation it will be able to achieve optimum protection of the host machine.

Taking all of these into account you will be able to find the best antivirus software application for your machine. Remember that not just because you are paying for it means you are getting optimum protection. Many viruses now disguise themselves as legitimate protection programs to trick computer users to installing and executing them. Follow these guides to find better protection.

Best Antivirus Software: Bit Defender Pro

One of the most reliable antivirus software available today is Bit Defender. This is an amazing software program which has maintained the bar set by its earlier versions. If you are looking for superb performance and maximum protection for your PC, then this antivirus guarantees you that in equal measure. This is not just one of those anti-virus programs that have been hyped because of its interface or simplicity. It scores highly in reliability and performance as well as ease of use.

A first time user will quickly note the simple and easy to use interface that allows one to navigate around the program with relative ease. If you want to check out the features of the anti-virus program and familiarize yourself with this program then you can get the free download version.

This is a small program of approximately 66MB, so it won’t take up much of your disk space. Once you are satisfied with the trial version, then you can upgrade to the more sophisticated premium version. You can download the Bit Defender premium version for office and home PC from the Bit Defender official website. This will only take a few minutes and a small portion of your hard disk space. But with all the innumerable benefits, you can be assured of lasting security for your PC for a long time to come.

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