7 Tips To Keep Your Files Secure

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Are you concerned about how to keep your files secure?  The “future is now” certainly applies to the electronic and connected world that we live in. Most likely, everywhere you go you’ll have access to a computer or a mobile internet device with an Internet connection. The computer is used for a vast array of … Read more

6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Malicious Software

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Wondering how to protect yourself from malicious software? The Internet has many benefits and has opened so many doors. Who would have thought in the 80′s that in twenty years we’d be able to “Skype” with our friend thousands of miles away? We wouldn’t even know what “skype” meant for that matter! Like most other … Read more

What is Internet Security?

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The Internet is a wonderful resource which can provide you with an easy way to bank, shop and communicate on a global level, but you do need to remember that every time you connect to the Internet you are sharing a vast network with millions of other computer users, and whenever a resources is shared … Read more

Cyber Protection Center False Reports

You just started your day, booted your computer and something is working in the background..your computer is being scanned ! Then a nice Windows screen appears displaying the following: “Cyber Protection System reports that ‘Cyber Security’ is not activated. Antiviruses software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click Recommendations for … Read more

Dangers of Spyware and Adware


You have seen plenty of dangers of spyware and adware, but what are they and how do they differ? Everyone that gets online is either bombarded with advice about the products that can help to protect your mainframe against these two things or get so much spam that they’ve had to remove it from their … Read more

Should You Be Using Free Antivirus Software?

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If you are planning on hooking up your computer to a network or to the Internet, an anti virus protection program is an absolute must. Along with a firewall, these two programs are the only real line of defense you have against hackers, viruses and other problems that can plague Internet users. The world of … Read more

8 Types Of Computer Viruses

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Not all computer viruses behave, replicate, or infect the same way. There are several different categories of viruses and malware. Below we list and discuss some of the most common types of computer viruses. Trojan Horse: A trojan horse program has the appearance of having a useful and desired function. While it may advertise its … Read more

11 Ways Computer Viruses Are Spread


It is the worst nightmare of every computer user: you wake up one day and realize that you have a virus, and you don’t know quite how to get rid of it. Most people these days understand what a virus is and how harmful it can be, but they are still somewhat unsure how computer … Read more

Download The Best Antivirus Software

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If you have been upgrading your PC protection or recently been exposed by a vulnerability then you may be wondering which is the best antivirus software. Your motivation for finding this software may be enhancing the security of your PC. This is the concern of most people who use their PC frequently online. You may … Read more