How to Delete Antimalware Doctor

What is Antimalware Doctor? Antimalware Doctor is a rogue anti-spyware program that uses scare tactic to try and induce users into buying a software license. This rogue software propagates itself through the internet by using Trojans that get downloaded on to user systems via spam email attachments and through websites with fake scanners. Once established on … Read more

Remove PC Defender From Your PC

What is PC Defender? Related to the notorious rogue software PC Defender 2008, PC Defender uses scare tactics to try and induce users to pay for a license to the software. PC defender enters the user’s system by using Trojans that get downloaded as attachments from spam emails and along with fake video codec packs. … Read more

Remove Windows PC Defender

windows pc defender

What is Windows PC Defender? Windows PC Defender sounds very similar to a real security client. They are trying to confuse people and trick them into thinking the program is the real Windows Defender software. Nothing could be further from the truth. Similar rouge clients out there have also attempted to capitalize on name bran … Read more