Cyber Protection Center False Reports

You just started your day, booted your computer and something is working in the background..your computer is being scanned !

Then a nice Windows screen appears displaying the following:

“Cyber Protection System reports that ‘Cyber Security’ is not activated.

Antiviruses software helps to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. Click Recommendations for the suggested actions. Your system might be at a risk now.

Your version of Cyber Security still not activated yet.  Click here to get your Cyber Security license.”

Is it the Windows Security Center ? No ! It is something else….

Something really bad ! You just have been hit with a rouge program called Cyber Protection Center.
This recent threat is a clone of Cyber Security.

Never forget both of those programs are bogus ones besides being rouge softwares. They only want to compromise your computer and to get your money. Fact is, Cyber Protection Center wants you to purchase the licensed version of Cyber Security (using your credit card, no less !). How nasty, isn’t it ?

Have you found out recently what seems to be a great online virus scanner ? And got no results ? Fake one ! Maybe you downloaded some very new video codec (another fake one…) or went to some useful websites only to find out they were asking you to download some software you never asked for ?

Let me explain you that last part: hackers will continuously enter good websites and put there their own malwares. So when users like you and I are browsing this site, we are pushed to download a program we never really asked for (it is also called drive by download). We don’t really know what is is neither what it does !

If this program is very new or if your computer doesn’t have some recent and very good protection software…. you might just have downloaded (and installed) a malware ! Thus infecting your system !

What it will do next ? First, this malware will modify your Registry. So on the next re-boot (and also the next ones !), the malware will always run remaining in the background all the time.

It will then do a bogus system scan of your computer. You will get some bogus reports telling you have lots of infections !

Please, look again what we wrote at the top and you will understand what Cyber Protection Center wants you to do: this malware wants you to purchased the full license of Cyber Security saying it will clean your unprotected system of all those (bogus !) threats you have !
Not only that ! Cyber Protection Center will also do the following:

it will change your browser settings thus you will not be able anymore to update any protection softwares or run them. You will quickly discover online security websites are no more accessible ! Terrible, eh ?

Cyber Protection Center will always displays warnings saying your whole computer is infected, infected and infected (a lot !).

This malware will compromise your System Restore and Task Manager Registry Editor, and lots of others tools. You will not be able to use them as before.

Always keep in mind all those false warnings are but… false ones ! The only thing Cyber Protection Center wants really is you to buy the licensed version of Cyber Security.

But it won’t work ! Both programs are fake ones ! Cyber Protection Center was designed to steal your money and to get people credit card information. Whatever Cyber Protection Center is reporting is but bogus infections. Always remember that. Do not believe this rouge software !

If I were you, I would rather do the following: to run a full and in-depth scan of your system and as soon as possible to delete Cyber Protection Center and any related files. I do have and I do recommend a excellent program: Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. Not only, it will clean your system of Cyber Protection Center, it will also remove any others viruses from your system!

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