Spin Rewriter 11 Review

Regards this is Daniel Passive Cash Stacker and Today i think, Tell you New spin rewriter number 11. Now I have been using spinrewriter. This is what you have to do Everything in internet marketing. If you want to do email marketing, if You are executing spin content, spin Ning En if you are making a review, Uh general automation, Content on the website, (, if you are doing this ) quality Video, if you are doing The amount of content, you need A Lot of content is Readable, spinrewriter is now. I am actually Really excited because it used to be One of the best In the market for a long time, but they Actually just a bunch New benefits and functions of um Will be at In the next two days of launch November 11 Yeah. So i want to keep going, You pass Well, what will happen and What options they will have. They are actually will year Discount sales and monthly transactions and you Actually enter and try free. So you can do your best, Not on the market. Spinning software charging Five days can get five days. Try it for free. You can try it Try out all the new features you can see. It is currently the best on the market, Something i like Is it and almost all Integrated internet marketing Or any business marketing or any Video marketing application market? Well, you know many of them are automated among them. They are basically automatic Embedded in the program you want to use. Use you dont even have to Just think about it Automatically spin your content uh, I really like it so I have been there recently Use the app Embed a large number of videos on the website with It can import Thousands of videos at the place if needed. Once And spinrewriter actually Uh put some unique content in it At the bottom helps rank It. Just automatically. Spins and Very readable Now depends on your settings. Choose you know you can choose Things that are more readable and less readable such as Well or you can do it. The manual line-by-line display is beautiful, Impressive. So let me Tell you something new. This is New features. New features, let’s see if I can Not cover up some of the information: Ok, Basically they actually improved enl semantic spinning Engine and so on then pass it spin will do better. It has done an excellent job, But in Will do better Change. The tense of the sentence Will recognize. You Know if you are talking about A book or you are talking about Book a holiday, Something like this. I found it Have Some of the best uh versus Compared to the synonym engine, where you are only in certain places, Throw it into the spinNing app its Completely unreadable Completely garbled. That is Just rubbish. Well, so they actually updated it and then they have Manual reviewers. Will take 550 hours Manual reviewers, go there And check the algorithm to check Synonym Great advice. Like me Said it is already big, But they went there and adjusted And add and make it better really good. Well, then, they updated the user Interface. Its amazing Im Will show you a short video And I will show you They made changes to make the operation easier, Because I actually did a lot of content Rewrite Serve customers. I also know Some people do Do some rewriting. I also use this software. They actually added an amazing feature Where you can compare side by side. Just now Is indeed a game, changer really good. They also have a bunch of new Step by step Teaching videos to me. I am visual. Learn like this. The experience I experienced when I started working Looking at all the FAQs and me I read all the documents, but for me You know i have to go to youtube and See who is reviewing it, Because I want to learn more Video knowledge on how to use It and They actually have some real depth Video tutorial. Now i’m going Go forward and run over and show Those are really fast. They also have a mobile version. So if You need spin content, You can spin in android or um. It is also used on Apple phones versus Gold, uh program and gold Program. You will get a variety of different results benefit, Then this is the right to change the rules of the game They are actually here. Visual editor can now be dragged and dropped. Uh stock photos and videos Collected like this before. If you select some videos or Selected some stock photos, It will only be Put a line of code in there. So you really cant see How it looks now. The photo you choose to rotate and rotate. You want to enter Different articles of the video, It will show you how to proceed, Looks great, so we Will continue, Then jump in, and I will tell you I will actually give up. I’M glad too Will be released. I have never seen uh. Of course the funnel is broken, so I want Tell you how i find all the bonus, All discounts, all coupons uh. This is me Minimum fees for front-end courses – 99. I will have Upsell and all this stuff, but I want to give you The front end of this Train absolutely for free. Basically, I will show you that I Try to break me Find each funnel of Well. How do I find backdoor transactions Backdoor discount uh, coupon code, uh and validity period Transaction instead of paying recurring fees, And all things like, I will continue to give you Training Courses Free. I will give you a package Of 2 000 lead magnets, so you have The ability to get there to start Make Money. So there are courses And there are e-books and training, But what i really like is They become more user-friendly? So let me go ahead and move it to Here. I can Take up more screen. I Don’t cover up too much But um. Basically, everything is great. All you have to do. Is you come in? You just said to rewrite the article and then We will open it in other links, so You can see it, but you basically just go Click here, Rewrite the article and bring you Move to you want to rewrite Location article And the big thing you want to Do When you do, You only have two important things Want to do. The right thing You want to set up here, And you want to automatically say Rewrite sentences, Then use your words and phrases Want to put. These are protected words and phrases. The keywords you want to rank for So everything else can be synonymous, but You want to be able to Ranking your targeted keywords. So my example article I Here is about spin ( update of 9-1-8 ). Well, so we Will put Like uh spin. We will spin. We will put spinrewriter, We will spin [ music, ] rewriter, ok, uh what we will do. We set these as protected word. Therefore, when When it doesnt touch these words spinning, But everything else around is fair game, Then you can, If needed, you can change it manually. If you pass by and see things Something you don’t like or dislike, well, You can actually change them manually Super fast. You can click on them. It provides you with all Different synonyms available in the drop-down menu. All the different tenses of is available. All other information. You know If it is a noun. If it is a verb, then This kind of thing is really great. Whenever i spin always, i Do intermediate options. The most unique thing you can do is Give you countless synonyms, but It will reduce readability Readable, The most readable you can do. But if you are Will do a lot of articles Um, you know say, take one Content and do you know 2500 pieces or 1500 pieces or 500 pieces? You will want to have more Use synonyms there to make it more unique So that you will not be marked as Duplicate content. But if you only make a few, The most articles you can read And the most readable content will give you least Synonym, but more readable, Like you can read a story or Book or magazine Flawless, but i always go Middle setting. And then, if i skip it and see Some things I dont like, I can only Take them out immediately. I really like it once. You know You can click. Ok, they also have some Advanced settings. I always set speeding because of speeding Speed allowed Throughout Go faster in the engine And start Put in synonyms and start spin various thing, And I always rewrite with one click, Because what i want to do is what i want Rewrite all options, and then i Can Go through, I can change it manually Things i don’t like, So i want it to be as simple as possible. This is, if you don’t use, If you have not combined the API with, If you dont use it, please use wordpress plugin In a kind of network marketing. If you just come here Rewriting, it is super simple, rewriting article Paste, there automatically starts, You will set the threshold to The location you want And you will protect yourself Words. That’S it after you Just say Rewrite the article, and when do you rewrite This? Article is usually taken from Well 15 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on About how long your article is Well, you know it does have a threshold. How many words you are allowed to enter. Yes, I am really satisfied. Yes, You can go through here. You can Read and make sure the sentence Readable. So you can say Great Leap Forward, Great leap, so you just have to make sure All words. If you find someone there go now What you don’t like, Then all you have to do is click here and It gives you the entire list Know the range of synonyms. It has Different adjectives. The thing you can go through Generate another separate list Available options. If you decide not to like One of those, You can go ahead and click on it. If you decide to Put another word in it Forward and Put a different word in it, and then you Just press Enter, and it will add As an option quickly and easily make you can do If this. If there is a big, You can also say that it applies to all. If there are more instances Actually apply it to All the internal examples save a lot of time articles, Especially when you are doing it. You will know, Like you know, three thousand. There are really five thousand words at a time When you can Speed up when changing the document uh and Everything in so what you can do is Everything can be rotated here Pass you can know the choice If needed you can also attach. If there is more content, you can apply for all over there. Now they can rewrite uh with one click. They have other settings Actually next Steps, but if You can save it for later use, you want to continue working on it or You can finish. Writing the article When you finalize the article All it has to do is go Pass. It will basically lock All these things And you can export it and when you Export, You can Write up to a thousand articles at once. So, basically, you can rotate this one Document. You can make Thousands of unique articles or 500 or Do you know 200 articles or 100 articles. You can upload it to what you know. Article website. You can also upload it to Your A website with multiple different videos. Embed something like this, so you can Unique content. It’S very amazing. It takes about 25 seconds to generate all These articles And get 500 to 1000 immediately Great article. Now you can add Related videos or related images and related to Can video or image Enter the word. You want to search for then enter You can go through here. You can Choose the video to import To your article and where it goes, do Depends on each What you say in a video, if you say a Will, be in a Use. This video in this video and another article, This video, is in other articles, So you can do this and then you can Also put in related Pictures so that you can. You can have pictures of related videos To what you have. Then you can put a few pictures Each article wants, Then you only say the selected image And what it has to do is Let them go Here. It will disperse them Throughout the article Now this is an exciting place, so I Want to show you some new Features. Well, first, they have. There is something called gold membership Gold membership is indeed very If you like, need Some content that you dont really want Finish. The shave yourself Work content and get content and Something like this. You can actually get a gold membership, This time Charge usually 37 or Price run 47. Sometimes you can get special discounts At about 37 yuan And it puts you in a pair The scope of the keywords you are targeting Like Say. If you like car reviews Like Porsche Frigate, you know you let go One keyword per line, They will actually crawl an article For you and then they will. They will spin the article and give you A bunch of articles. So how much do you say The article you want? Ok, you put things and they Going Give you pre-spun articles or they are Go to Articles prepared by umspin. For you, Then you have. The ability Has VA Access, so you can do a lot of work And you don’t have time to do it, Spend articles or, like I said I did a lot of rewriting for the client and I have some people who really do write to me. You can set a password for them to access, They will have Able to use spinning And something like, But they will not be able to access your Payment details. They will not be able to access. If so go to your member details, member, They will not be able to change your Master password, so they will not have Access. Your master account to really good. If you also need VA access Like I said you can also use spin on the phone to see. If there is One Apple or Android is great and You now get priority servers which makes big difference, So if you dont have gold Membership will take some time Longer your article to spin, So you will have to wait to know 30 Up to 40 %. If you have, You can wait longer and they actually make you a gold member Priority servers and those priorities Server. You can definitely see difference In time. Then they also have priority VIP customer support. Usually They will reply to you with support. They will be The ticket. Will be returned to you within a few hours. This is the ticket service. They have Very good support. I dont have any support yet Problems so far, Then they have wordpress plugin. Now here one Is a game. Changer, like I said, Integration with many internet marketing Program. There, but if not Use one of the Internet marketing program, You can actually run completely The entire site automatically Used to touch it With this wordpress plugin as well WordPress plugins you can use There. You can spin All articles you own Before it will cost They three. Every 7 days, Two months It will create new articles every year From the articles you already have, Then it will automatically get the new Post. So you can get relevant niche posts. It will spin that content, so it is 100 % unique Well. So this enables you to You know, to get some passive traffic to get More updated content Uh its really good. They also Able to spin to post Internal wordpress. I am not sure about this now Like this As much as possible, but if you dont Want to come to the dashboard here Then execute spinning. You can execute Fast spin here And you can choose to say: Do you know if you want Least readable, medium, readable or Most readable, Then it will spin, but you really Without all changes another, But its great. If you want to Do this on, you can actually create the post, Then you can copy the post and spin It, and then you have two posts which are Unique good. You can connect To your website. The best is when you Connect to your website. You can actually be here, It will speak, Then generate unique. Ok, article Publish it to your wordpress site so that Actually any website you connect with Your The plugin. You did publish to wordpress And automatically publish it as New posts on your wordpress website. Great. What I love is that it also has Fix the grammar here, and you will have Able to place perfect tense api Type here. It will be great, Fixed grammar work. After rotating it actually becomes more Automatically read without you Without you, you have to do other things. Had to do more proofreading, So if you do it as a service, then You have the perfect temporal API. Well, this will make it a bit more [ R is acceptable because it can ensure The grammar is beautiful. Great. I, like it And you like me here, Say This – is the old version. The new version Launch within two days Here it has. The code is now the new version of the image I’m going to Show you, the video And the new version actually has Picture here. It will actually have a video here. You can see exactly what it looks like Looks great, and Here has copyscape integration, as it is good. Therefore, with copyscape integration you can Can see After rotating this document, if it Can be seen anywhere else on the Internet And be able to break below. You must repeat, the content rating Have Less than 30 % of your Copyscape Score, but usually spin in me Time for customers. Well, usually I can get zero to two copyscape match percentage. It is great to use. This is the readable content I like, So the customer is very satisfied with it and I am also very happy about it. So let me show you the training, So they actually just add. So they have A bunch of tutorials here They have FAQ section Getting started. Video nothing more They used to have Now. They have plenty of step-by-step instructions, Video on what to do. But what do I love here? I love it’s here. It tells you how Polish the article this is it I told you Original article new article article And you can see any matching rows. It has So you can make changes immediately, So you can be sure No Duplicate content issues, instead of Must manually line by line and View matches, See what copyscape can find Manually change by yourself Through the side-by-side version, and We will continue to show you This is Them Some of the new materials are. This is very amazing. Let’S See if i can be here So right here, like I said they choose Picture then after you Randomize the picture. You have this option here. So please see You. Have this option Wrap it on the image to wrap Text around the picture, Or you can put it in Between [ music ] Paragraph so great, like You want to embed Video between paragraphs then Have It wraps pictures you can do It makes it look more unique? It looks like Looks more like a blog post Really great and they are bigger, Now integrated with photos, So you will have more photos and More videos to choose. This will make your article and Your content is more unique. Like crazy, like I said you can Free trial, You know there are no strings attached to try See how it works and Great. So, let’s Keep going a little bit More like here. This is where A real-time preview of the content shown to you will be shown to you Picture and how to surround it. It will show you the embedded film. It will show you exactly. How does it look Once it is rotated? Now it’s like, I said you Can also be broadcast live Side by side preview where it will go, Show highlighted, matches exactly From the original text so that you can Change beautiful content immediately. Well, Let’s see what we got it’s here Then pass. You have different options And super simple super simple. Like i used a lot of apps Sell on the market, Many of them learn a lot curve. Many of them are super difficult to use, and this is Very user friendly. You can learn it In about five minutes. Can you have quality content? You are using an internet marketing application, Whether to use wordpress Plugin or you are using Well here and this interface. The interface is super good Super easy to use Super easy to use, to add or delete the words you want, or You do not want I’m so excited. You know me Want to share with you Its not sold often, but They have this new launch. They are. Will give away a bunch bonus? Well, I actually have to pay far. I’M glad too Will be released. I have never seen, Of course, the funnel broke, so I’m going Show you how i found all the bonuses, All discounts – all coupons, this. Yes, The front-end course. I will attend Minimum charge 99, For I will have a few Upsell and all this stuff, but I want to give you The front end of this training Completely free. Basically, i am Tell you me: Try to break me Of each funnel to find out how I found that the backdoor handles the backdoor discount, uh coupon code, uh and validity period Transaction instead of paying recurring fees And all things like I’m going to give you favor Free course training I want to give you 2 Package 000 Lead magnet, so you have The ability to get there to start Make Money. So here are uh courses and there are E-book and provide training and all related knowledge, A thing. So you can get out There. You can even Go out there and sell them. 1.99. 299. 599. You have 2000 lead magnets. Well, so you can do anything Want to use with them. You can use them for Opt-in form to build your email list Really start using the internet marketing. So I will not only give you training About how to break the channel, how to get How to get a discount, How to start the transaction Save money, So you won’t spend Cash and capital at view Such a thing Uh. I also want to give you 2000 clues magnet, So you can start doing big things About Internet Marketing And try to take a step. Therefore, in the future, we must Hope this walkthrough is helpful to you. If, If you disagree, please like Like Good information and good drills Knock down, you know what i want Hear your voice and your voice Think and feel Um. But as always, do you know Subscribe, so you can get Information when we upload New training Or a new course. We will provide it for free content. There is a lot of free information here and We will try our best to help. If you are right In doubt, please try internet marketing About building email lists about funnels Building About local, large-scale video marketing Marketing. Similar things Join. My facebook group is passive cash Stacker. We shared a lot of tips and skill About marketing YouTube rankings and all This kind of thing, Like I said, I offer a lot of free information. I have provided many free questions and answer If you, I’m almost always around guys, need some help. So, Thank you very much for watching. I Talk to you later.

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