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I have been using itaggz to automate my instagram tags. Because of the automate function, it will email you every day for the hottest and trending tags. This allows me to take note of the latest posts that people in my niche are seeing and interested in. Now i do not need to stress about the kind of content or videos to post.

I simply let Itaggz provide me with the best tags to take advantage of. I upped my ROI by 680%. From one or 2 sales per week, averaging $60 – $100 per week, to $400 – $600 plus.

What i like the most is that, i am able to reduce my time spent on instagram, and focus more on studying my niche followers and creating better funnels or website. I was able to save more than $100 dollars per week that i would have spent on instagram advertisement.

You can use this for any business. This tool allows you to have a head start among your competitors by ensuring your content are placed in front of all the hot trending tags. And this will allows instagram users to view your content instead.

When they see that your content speaks their mind (definitely, they are searching for the same tag as your content tag), they will follow and monitor your page.

You can use this to generate followers, sales, lead generation, mentorship, or simply for getting your instagram to become viral in the Explore Page.

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