Clickfunnels Pricing – How To Get Clickfunnels For ONLY $19 A Month


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Here are some share funnel links to get you started so you can import some of my funnels and try out the $19/mo Share funnel option.

1. Website Funnel as shown in the Video

2. Ecommerce – Free plus Shipping Funnel

3.Simple Opt In Funnel

I Dont want to sugar coat saying Clickfunnels is not expensive , it is expensive but once your able to get few trials under you or start building funnels for your business or clients, it will automatically pay for itself.

You can try out Clickfunnels for 14 days with a free trial then you can choose the $97/mo or $297/mo option.

BUT you can also get a special version of Clickfunnels called “Limited Share Funnels Only”. This means you can have an account where you can import 3 different share funnels (10 pages max).

This is a good option if you are just getting started, but you will love Clickfunnels so much that you will want to upgrade to the $97 later.

As always, you will get a 40% commission monthly from all of your referrals.
For example, if someone gets the $19/mo Share funnel option, your monthly commission will be $7.60.

If they get the $97/mo, your monthly commission will be $38.80.
If they get the $297/mo, your monthly commission will be $118.80

There are also more expensive options to pay for 6 months in advance or for a full year, and you will get the BIG commissions off of those $997, $1997, or $2997 sales.

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Clickfunnels Pricing – How To Get Clickfunnels For ONLY $19 A Month

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