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Itaggz Review Discount Coupon Code:

I have decided to share my opinion regarding Itaggz after being one of the first beta-tester.

This tool has a feature where it automatically prompt hottest trending hashtags for you. You key in the pages or categories where you are interested in, and the software will email you the latest hashtag to use to go viral.

I will go over the hashtag, look through the viral contents, and create a similar marketing angle as the trending one.

From there, i use all hottest, high traffic hashtag as recommended by itaggz.

The result? more than 400% of engagement. I gained an average of 40-60 followers per hour, organically. Not only so, i was able to free most of my time from searching for high viral content, to focusing on optimizing my website or funnels.

I quadrupled my sales and generated more than 5 leads per day.

What i love the most about the software is it can automatically email you all the hashtag to target.

Overall, i would say that this is a good investment tool to add into your instagram marketing arsenal with a fraction of cost.

Worth a steal?

It is a yes for me.

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Itaggz Review Discount Coupon Code
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Itaggz Review
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