Top Five Signs of Hormonal Imbalance You Should Not Ignore


Hormones are tiny busy little chemical messengers that do a lot of work to keep your health and life in tip-top shape.

Hormones are responsible for telling your organs and body tissues to carry out their functions for your overall well-being.

Speaking of which, these busy little chaps affect your body
temperature, mood, metabolism, sexual functionality, growth and development just to name a few.

With this in mind, you can relate with how important it is to keep them in balance.

In fact doing this is crucial to your holistic health but exactly how can you know when all is not right with your hormones.

Well for the most part there are some common signs to look out for.


Chronic fatigue

Do you find yourself feeling washed every now and then.

And no we’re not talking about how you feel after a long day at work; it’s more like that extreme tiredness that hit you for no reason whatsoever.

Well if you experience such tiredness, chances are you’re having some sort of hormonal imbalance.

For example having low estrogen and progesterone could mess with your energy levels and leave you feeling exhausted throughout the day.


Excessive weight gain or loss

Inexplicable weight gain or weight loss is yet another sign of hormonal imbalance.

If you find that you’ve been eating healthily and working out for months but just can’t seem to get the body of your dreams then there’s a good chance that your hormones are all over the place.

Likewise if you keep losing weight for no just cause head to the doctor’s office and check your hormones.


Low sex drive

If you’re finding it super difficult to get intimate with your partner it may be time to look into your testosterone level for men and estrogen level for women.

In a nutshell low libido is a pretty common sign of hormonal imbalance that shouldn’t be ignored.


Constant hunger and sugar cravings

After finishing a filling meal but still find yourself craving for more food especially sugary ones shortly afterward.

Well just know that you’re not a glutton, the hormone ghrelin is simply messing with your brain.

In other words increased levels of ghrelin, our appetite hormone can cause you to eat like you haven’t eaten in days.


Mood swings

Feeling happy in one moment then angry or sad, this is a pretty common sign of hormonal imbalance.

Don’t feel like a freak just figure out how to fix your hormones and create the right balance.

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