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What is Energy Healing?

As children we were taught that the only “real things in life were physical” things you could see, touch and explain by first hand experience, but in actuality, there is a whole second side of the world that is energy. We are made of energy, energy is the underlying structure of all material things. Even though this energy is invisible to the eye, we know that it is there.

When we learn to work with this energy we will experience greater shifts in our physical bodies, in our relationships, in the way we love ourselves, and we are able to manifest what we want to have and to experience in our lives.

Everything that appears in the physical world begins as energy first. Just as an architect dreams up a beautiful new home, draws it on paper, and hands it to the construction crew ….it all started as an idea….in the invisible realm of energy.

When we choose to work within the energy realm, we begin healing our relationships, whether we want to have closer relationships with others, or heal past hurts. Whether we wish to build strong relationships or to know ourselves better, we can accomplish this through changing energy patterns and releasing energy blocks within us, as we begin to work with an energy healing therapist.

We experience health challenges from time to time, and although we may believe these are just physical challenges actually it all begins in the energy realm first. When we desire to heal the physical body, we begin to do this through changing the energy within us. As we begin the healing process, we begin to shift our emotions and our thoughts, we let go of emotional hurts, we begin healing aspects of ourselves that we “think” are unrelated to our physical bodies.

The process of being able to manifest the life we desire starts to come within our reach, we begin to shift to feeling more positive each day, to being able to speak up for ourselves and tell others what our truth is, we begin to know that greater possibilities are available to us, and we feel happier and more self-empowered.

If you feel that you may benefit from energy healing, please contact us at 816-584-0777, or email Lynn@gardensofdelight.org to ask questions, or to schedule a session.

Access greater self-awareness and empowerment through the process of discovering and releasing life challenges, blocks, old patterns, and limiting beliefs through the art of Energy Healing. Gain tools and a much larger self-perspective, which brings you in touch with your inner joy and a sense of well-being.

First session: 90 minutes, $100
1. Spend time discussing your healing goals, what you’d like to accomplish for the short term, and the long term.
2. We’ll spend time covering your background history and any symptoms and life challenges that have occurred along the way.
3. Establish a plan of healing that may involve energy work, aromatherapy, healing herbs, yoga, and meditation

Following sessions: 60 minutes (fee based on sliding scale)
Continue at your own pace through the process of self healing and change. We meet for one hour each month and as time unfolds you begin restoring balance for your health, emotional life, and your relationships.

Doorways once closed to you begin to open and your path becomes clearer. Taking forwards steps as you release old fears becomes much easier to do. Life unfolds as a natural flow of self discovery, providing you with greater peace and a sense of well-being.

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